Hi there! This is my now page. It is inspired by a movement that Derek Sivers best describes on his website. So here is a description of what I am doing. It serves as a reminder for me, too, to keep my focus.

Updated March, 24th 2024 in the morning at home.

Keep up fitness challenges with my son

I have lost the first week of my Apple Fitness+ challenge with my son. Damn. I just did not push enough :) No I challenged him a second time. Let's see how much sports I can put into a week this time. It helps me lose some of the 15+ kilo overweight I gained in the last months.

Build our podcast studio

This is our home project where we build our podcast studio in STUDIO16B design. We are already recording and you can listen to the first episodes on Professional Curiosity (It is a business & strategy podcast).

I still work on the technical set-up, though. We built some acoustic panels thanks to @NoteYourVision and got lots of inspiration from Kri Edholm and Becky and Chris - thanks.

Working on our podcast

I just found some beautiful background music to professionalize our podcast recording and production. We want to include a short intro and an outro, so this will be my work over the next days. Nonetheless, we are continuously recording episodes.


Spring is there and we are planning to upgrade our garden setup. There are some ideas to change and replace some of the arrangements and we are going to dig in it the next days.


I am working my way through Dr. Frieder Beck's Bewegung macht schlau. It is a great book on how sports, fitness and movement will strengthen your cognitive capabilities.