About me

This website is about my learnings, my life, the things I experience and want to write about. I have taught myself juggling with code early in the 80s. Since then, I work with computers and information technology. I became a developer, a so-called system architect, later doing that on enterprise level. Today, I work in an inspiring team and try to source the value of internet technology for the people that use our products.

I always try to let myself inspire by smart people, their podcasts, their books. And I document my learnings in a trello board. Maybe I am going to publish that at some time.

I spend most of my time with my family. I love playing boardgames and sometimes I spend my evening in a pen & paper session of D&D.

Podcasts I am listening to

I love podcasts. But there is often not enough time to listen to them. I usually do that on my morning run. But even there sometimes I prefer listening to music or to the early birds in the springtime. However, here's a list of podcasts I highly recommend:

A collection of what I like

Here‘s a curated list of things, websites, art & content that inspires me, helps me reflect on what I do and let me learn new things.

I will keep that list up-to-date and extend it as new, inspiring things enter my life.

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