Essential Links in June 2021 - Part I

Beginning of June I finished the book Atomic Habits by James Clear. It beautifully describes how you gradually shape new habits that bring you nearer to your goals. By applying tiny changes to your daily life - one after another - you create large paradigm shifts in the long run. The approach of the book describes how you bind the path to your goals to your unconscious behavior - the trigger-and-reaction game we humans learned before there was language and reason. I highly recommend the book, it definitely had an impact on me and I am already applying the insights to my life.

Now I am reading Unwinding Anxiety by Dr. Jud Brewer. A book again based on research and science connects to Atomic Habits somehow, since it describes how to deal with the triggers and automated behavior you have already learned - the one that leads to anxiety and being afraid. I find it much harder to read. Dr. Brewer often uses a much more casual language and sometimes judges pretty hard on things (which could use some more of a Beginner's Mind).

Links in the first weeks of June

Now this is it for this two weeks. I have split the large monthly list into 2 so they are more easily digestible. If you like, just tell me what you think of it by giving me feedback on Twitter.