Essential Links in July 2022

This month I finally finished the Workshop Survival Guide by Rob Fitzpatrick and Devin Hunt. The book is the best overview on workshop preparation and execution that I have ever read. It's about the audience, the type of workshop phases & exercises and gives you a structured approach to planning an inspiring workshop with a focus on learning outcomes and how to let your lessons stick with the audience. Even if you are an experienced workshop facilitator, this book will deliver some tweaks that will let you improve your craft. Highly recommended!

We travelled through Europe this month and met many people. We went to Kassel to visit the documenta and it was an exciting time with beautiful weather. So this month we have a smaller list of readings.

We are now delving into the last month of summer and I plan to enjoy it thoroughly. So make sure to set away time for yourself and spend some days out there in the sun.