Essential Links in February 2022

Aaaah, February. The nights are getting shorter and the first, early flowers come out. I can't wait for spring!

This year I want to dig into music theory, composing and song writing. I have been calling myself a musician all my life, but never seriously went deep into the topic. So beginning of January I started to practice the piano including reading notes, learning about cadences and all the stuff that mainly reminds me heavily of math lessons :) However, I just want to mention this, because there are some beautiful people out there, who make it their work to help others understand music, compositions, music production and more. So this month I include a collection of a few sources that might be interesting for musicians - beginners or advanced.

Radical Focus

This month I read Radical Focus by Christina Wottke. The book mainly circles around Objectives and Key Results, a system to align an organization, a group of people or even just yourself towards ambitious, but achievable goals. Christina spent a lot of time implementing and practicing OKRs in many companies and you can feel that almost on every page. The book actually starts with a beautifully written novel around a start-up in the Valley, followed by a lot of practical tipps and advices towards the end of the book. It was great to read from somebody so much experienced and insightful. If you or the organization you are in is interested in OKRs, this for me is the best book out there (I liked it even more than the well-known "Measure What Matters" by John Doerr). Highly recommended!

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