Essential Links in December 2022

Well that was 2022. A post-pandemic powerhouse of a year. It was the first year where I used the lifestyling framework to work towards my greater goals and it worked out pretty good. It integrates the insights and learnings of various psychological & behavioral studies to let you make an impact in your own life. It is aimed at a 10-years rolling plan and plays with breaking down your big visions into smaller, digestible chunks. It incorporates a lot of practices that were described in Atomic Habits and similar advisories.

Actually, posting 12 of these inspiring articles (one every month) was part of my goals for 2022.

The month of December was all around chatgpt - a public, chat-based AI. And of course it is very tempting to start predicting what will happen based on this technology. It's a perfect meetup of the dreamers and the doomsayers. So here is a more laid back article on ChatGPT, what it is, what it may be and how we may deal with it.




Software Development

Product Development

What to expect from 2023?

My 2023 plan and my updated vision for 5 and 10 years see some more content creation. While I will continue with these monthly inspirational articles, I am going to add some more blogposts, more regular writing and some changes to this website. This site requires a search engine and a little bit tagging magic, so that you can easily access content. Watch out for changes in the next weeks.