A new work desk

The home office situation during the pandemic made me think about my home work setup. I used to love to work from home. It was an easy switch from professionalism to family to back and I never felt that I had to make a clear cut in between. But going into full home office obligation in a company that has no clear work/life balancing rituals or experience (except the daily commute to work and back again) was like inviting the whole company to home.

The borders between work and leisure quickly dissolved and spending my conference attendance in the living room, somehow made my living room my new workspace. Work & play melted into a strange feeling of never being able to relax and never being able to focus.

So I started to reflect on the situation: the necessities, the obligations, the chances and how I would like to have it. After some thinking, a draft idea developed in my mind. I still wanted to switch from work to play and back again - in seconds. But I wanted to stop the dripping of the profession into my home. I hit the internet to find inspiration, reading articles, checking product pages.

And then I found my new desk: lightweight, versatile, minimalistic but smart. Playwood, a small Italian company, provides minimalistic office furniture for flexible work situations. With a simple assembly system and sustainable manufacturing they offer new and simple furniture for your home. That's where I bought Karya.

Karya Desk - White

Here come the pictures.

It looks slim and not very resilient, but it's sturdy and robust.

There are spaces and carvings to put your tech stuff in.

It's small but sufficient for most of the work situations.

On top of the desk is Lifty - Monitor Riser, allowing you to make more out of the 120 x 60 cm space. The whole desk is incredibly smart: Cable drill holes, spaces to put your iPad or iPhone in, hooks for various objects like headphones, electricity plugs, chargers etc. I love it.

I can't wait to put it into the future space and get to work!