I am constantly considering whether I want to have requests to my website tracked somehow. I don't want to track my visitors, but I'd love to track which articles are interesting, which topics get how many requests. Additionally, I am always looking to find honest solutions that regard the user's privacy for common problems. In Jack Baty's blog I found a literally tiny solution for tracking.

Since a few days I am using Tinylytics. A very lightweight JS-based tracking, created by Vincent Ritter, that loads a javascript file from the tinylytics domain to allow request tracking. Tinylytics does not use cookies, it does not use data items that allow identification of single persons (ip addresses). I needed to adjust my Content Security Policy accordingly.

I will keep this up for a few days or weeks and will have my learnings (and share them here). Feel free to reach out to me on Mastodon to tell me your thoughts. I will share the statistics of this website as well so you can all see what is going to be tracked.