This is what I want to do

One of the best things you can do on a Friday night is to go on a release event of a documentary done by a friend. Stefan Nitzsche and Andreas Brüggemann yesterday released "This is what I want to do", a movie about Marc Thiele and his conference beyond tellerand. A heart-warming but also sad movie about someone who has found what he wants to do - even if it means to go through hard times.

Elliot Jay Stocks, who has one of the most beautiful websites on the planet, and Stefan just before going on stage.

I enjoyed it a lot - I found it as inspiring as the conference that was documented. Thanks, Stefan! Here is the trailer and some photos of the event.


And then there's Marc. He is a really, really nice guy, but he has his story to tell. I perceive beyondtellerand as one of the most inspiring conferences out there (and I have been to a few). Regardless, if you are a creative, a web designer or just curious, if you have the chance: Go there.

I hope the documentary receives some recognition. I wish Andreas and Stefan all the best.