Essential Links in September 2021

Ha! Just as I wanted to increase the frequency of my postings, summer came. And I took a time out. It was good to step away (a little bit) from media and publications. I still read a lot of stuff and still collected lots of stuff, but I used the time to take a deep breath and reflect on my situation. Now we're in October and I will pick up my posting schedule again. Let's see where it leads us.

We are on our way back into our offices. The "New Normal" they call it. I am uncertain. The "New Normal" approaches that I have seen so far do not embrace the new possibilities nor regard the new challenges of being able to work anywhere, anytime. What most of the approaches are missing are the psychological and cultural aspects. If you take a look at companies and organizations that really adapt to the new opportunities you will see a difference in their cultural values and a stronger focus on the social aspects. I think the worst thing we can do is to turn the "New Normal" into a simple mathematical equation.