Essential Links in October 2021

After a year without any event, the world's biggest boardgame fair opened their doors again in Essen. A little bit smaller in size, less people, masks, distance rules ... but: boardgames, tabletops, rpgs - oh, my! I was able to go there 3 out of 4 days and it felt good. A little bit weird and awkward, but overall funny, entertaining, inspiring. I was able to collect the Paleo extension and a lot of other stuff, that will carry us through the winter time. Can't wait to play it all.

However, there was lots of things going on this month, too. Facebook, Insta and WhatsApp went down. A new government is formed in Germany. So here is what happened in the digital world this month.


About System Thinking

Understanding systems at work is one of the most powerful capability of being aware of your environment. Only if you see the systems you are able to interact with them and - if necessary - eventually change them.

About APIs

I read a lot on APIs this month (again). For me, a proper API architecture and lifecycle management is one of the keys to a modern Information Technology. So here are a few important articles on APIs.

Side notes and more interesting stuff