Essential Links in November 2023

This month I joined the Jenewein Leadership Bootcamp. You may have read from Wolfgang Jenewein on LinkedIn or listened to his great podcast already. It was an inspiring 3 days experience with many interesting & mindblowing aspects. I am still processing all the topics that were brought up and it gave me a push into lots of directions where I still have room for improvement & development.

Other than that: This was November. We saw some crazy events around the probably most watched company in the world, when Sam Altman had to leave, joined Microsoft and became CEO of OpenAI again in just a few hours (and the whole leadership team went through a rollercoaster). And here are some more interesting articles.


Working together

Product Development




Learning new stuff


Do you still have one of your 2 HBR story slots available this month? Why not dig into delegation poker insights: when Tannenbaum and Schmidt in 1958 layed down the foundation of the leadership continuum?