Essential Links in May 2023

That was May. We heard a lot about the ups and downs of the OMR festival and many other conferences taking place. Our book club on the Future Organization Playbook is in full swing (ask Janina Pakusch on LinkedIn for an invite).

We went to beautiful London and later spent a weekend camping at the seaside in the Netherlands. We witnessed someone becoming a king and Josh Freeze joining the Foo Fighters. Now - at the brink of June - days seem to get warmer and sunnier. Here are some inspiring links for some relaxed weekend reading.


You can't get anywhere without your daily Large Language Model FOMO. I think it is worth for every software afficionado to try out some of the tools that are available now to understand its functioning and its limits.




Software Development

Film making

What else?

That's it for this month. Watch out for each other and have a beautiful summer. See you out there in wind & waves maybe.