Essential Links in May 2021

Phew - May went by so fast. And since I have started collecting links each month, my lists become bigger and bigger. So this will be the last time, that I put out a monthly article, since I will switch over to weekly articles. By this, I get a smaller list (hopefully) and I can squeeze in a little bit of my own writing.

One of the biggest news for me this month the Connectivity Standards Alliance emerged from the zigbee alliance. With big players like Google, Amazon and Apple they announced matter, an open-source, IP-based connectivity standard built on Thread.



Drew Falkman and Jay Garcia talk about The Rise of Asynchronous Collaboration and What It Means for Development Teams on but have in mind what Cal Newport says about asynchronous ping-pong on The Ezra Klein Show. It can hurt your productivity and your well-being. It may send whole organizations into a being busy state.

However, Matt Mullenweg (his company Automattic works from home) lists his 5 level of autonomy, in which asynchronous processes plays a major role.


This month I read the book Liminal Thinking by Dave Grey. It is a beautifully illustrated book that goes much deeper than I thought. It makes me understand what is holding me back sometimes and how. Great read!

How are we going to work?

Many of us have gotten their first vaccination. This lets us looking forward to design the way we want to work in the future. Here are some thoughts on that.

Product vs. Project

There have been a lot of discussions around Project vs. Products in this month. Here are some articles on that topic that I had collected over the time.

The essential background of these stories and articles can be found summarized in Marc Andreessen's famous 2011 Wall Street Journal article Why software is eating the world.

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