Essential Links in March 2024

Beginning of the month I visited Shenzhen. This was my first return to China after the pandemic and a chance to meet my team there. I love it there. The friendliness and hospitality of the people there is unmatched. It was my first time in the area north of Hongkong since 2017 and I was surprised how much had changed. Lots of cars are going electric now and it is sometimes stunning how quiet the streets are.

Blick auf den Teller

Other than that, there was a lot of insightful and inspiring content found this month. By the way, based on a story by Derek Sivers I have a now page. These pages are meant to remind you of your goals and your focus from time to time.

Inspiration & tools

The Internet

Did you know? The internet is 35 years old now. I can't say it has moved out of puberty yet.

Roleplaying, D&D & Co.

Software Development

Organizational Development

Product Strategy & Development