Essential Links in March 2023

I travelled less this month. We saw the launch of GPT-4 and a lot of buzz around it. My Mastodon usage surpassed Twitter this month for the first time. I did small updates to my website in order to decrease the size of it and make it lightning fast to load.

A bowl of Ramen with vegetables on a wooden table

Other than that I put more efforts into curating my links. I spent more time on these articles and left comments here and there, because I love that we people simply can share our knowledge in an open environment. I hope you enjoy these, too.





On writing

Being human

Software Development

Pair programming and programming in groups is in my view one of the most underrated practices in software development. In highly complex environments where information is created quicker than you are able to share it, pair programming can do the trick of unobtrusively sharing knowledge and enable code ownership. Pairing work is not limited to programming, though. You can pair almost any work so you may want to give it a try.


User Experience


Thanks for reading so far. I hope you have a great month of April.