Essential Links in June 2023

There is not much to tell this month. June was extensive and I had to travel a lot. There were only a few moments of tranquility and time for reading, relaxing and just getting inspired. I taught myself juggling with clubs this month. I tried a simple method of learning new physical movement and memorize it as fast as possible. So, effectively, it took me only a few hours to learn (in 5 minute-bursts). It felt good to see that I was able to learn something new :)

What else was going on this month? Another WWDC week took place and Apple announced the Vision Pro (YouTube). An AR/VR headset to enhance your vision abilities. Now, I am not here to judge whether that will be successful or not. The journey to enhancing our bodily functions for one reason or the other has long been started. In the past, Apple often has proven talent to have a good judgement of the right time to launch a product - bringing it from a niche into a mass market.

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That's it for this month already! I hope to find more time to collect inspiring content next month. If you want to learn juggling, I highly recommend Daan Mackel's YouTube Channel and Henry's Store for Professional Juggling Equipment. It's good to have a tiny, nonsense goal for the summer. See you out there!