Essential Links in June 2022

Last month I went to Porto. It's a beautiful old town with everything you can wish for: Musicians on the street in nice and warm summer nights, so many sites and things to discover, easy access to a beach and a lot of friendly people to hear stories from. And the city is bustling. They seem to renovate and re-create their old houses and they invest into their infrastructure and education a lot.

There are a lot of tech companies there already. I find it inspiring to see a city waking up like this. It's surely great to live there for some time. If you are a student or just finished high school you should definitely consider going there.

I am actually on vacation. So I write this article in between 2 hikes through the mountains. Wherever you read this: Have fun!



Teams and team development


Hey, did you know? This site is made with Kirby, a great, database-free CMS. And it's on sale until July, 11th. This is not a paid endorsement! I just like the system so much that I recommend it others to use it.