Essential Links in January 2022

This month I read Forever Employable by Jeff Gothelf. Jeff is a renowned expert in UX and Agile (and many more topics) and you should follow him on Twitter or his blog and listen to his podcast. He is an inspiring thought leader and content creator and it's great to be able to learn from inspiring people like him.

The book itself is a short one - and that makes it even more valuable. In a very precise language, Jeff tells his story and fills it with insights, advices and generally good ideas. If you are already on his journey, the messages are a little bit obvious, but the book always has a surprise for you - even if you think you know it all.

I have started to track my goals for 2022. For that I set up a simple check away list of items per day. Next to running and doing sports I want to practice piano a lot (actually to learn it to at least moderate expertise & skill).

Here are the essential links for January 2022:

Open Web

Agile & Scrum

Strategy & Product Management



Audio Production, Podcasts & Music

Software Development