Essential Links in February 2023

Yesterday I stumbled across a great podcast episode. It takes a deeper look into the fediverse. Into the technology that lies underneath and in the history of its creation. It's an inspiring story around open standards and the originality of things open source. You all have probably heard of Mastodon now - so you may be interested in listening to a little bit of where it came from.

I have been on Twitter since 2007 and I have great memories and experiences with the blue bird (and the whale). Unfortunately I have to admit that I hang on to it mainly out of nostalgic reasons. The value I once got out of it (that triggered me to also put my content into it) is lost somewhere in prioritized ads in my timeline. Even more I enjoy the activity in the Fediverse, the open discussions and friendly commenting.

February links

Not so much this month. Can't wait until the sun comes out for good this year. You all have a great March now!