Essential Links in April 2024

Wow. It is May, 1st and I am sitting at a lake on a camping site early in the morning. It is beautiful. Gone is April and the funny weather. Here comes summer. There was lots of stuff done last month so now I am enjoying the 1-day-vacation somewhere in Franken, Germany.

Next to all the boardgames we played, we continued to run our podcast Professional Curiosity. I experimented with whisper a bit to create a transcript of our episodes and it works like charm - on an M2 MacBook Air. If you want to dig in, too, here's a tutorial by Egor Menyaylo.


Working Agile, using Scrum

Strategy & Products


That's it for last month. Summer is coming. Be sure to go outside, be kind to others, meet new friends and enjoy your life. 2024 is going to be the best summer of your life!