Comments to blog posts

I miss the commenting feature on blogs. I know, there are plugins and 3rd party solutions out there. But I remember, that commenting was seriously broken, either because of services like Akismet you had to deploy (because of a lot of spam) or because of the personal data you were collecting from your users.

I like to have comments back - or any type of personal message/opinion to a blogpost. I took a look into webmentions and they seem to do the trick, but I do not want to put in too much magic on my site (pages are supposed to be lightweight and blazingly fast). So for the next few weeks, I use a simply IFTTT rule to post my blog posts into my Mastodon feed.

Then people can comment in Mastodon (damn, I know this is flawed). However, then I need a bottom line beneath each post to point to the Mastodon toot (which I don't have yet). Let's give it a try. Maybe I need to manually update the blog post for the time being.