Cold in Cologne

It was very cold last night. Nonetheless, a surprisingly lot of people met in the inner city of Cologne to raise their voices against the right-wing politics seemingly on-the-rise in Germany. I have a principle to not share more than 1 image per post to keep this pages light. However, sometimes you have to make an exception. So here are a few impressions from January, 16th.


The Heumarkt was full of people. It was difficult to even get onto the area.


People stacked up even into the side areas (towards the G├╝rzenich).

To Neumarkt

And then the masses went up towards Neumarkt. After 2-3 hours a lot of people (we too) left while the large group moved back over the bridge. It was stunningly cold, but it was an impressive crowd to show up that day and I am humbled to have been part of it. There is no alternative.