Oliver auf der NightlyBuild 2016

Hi, I'm Oliver

I am a software developer, lean software architect, speaker, trainer and agile work evangelist, living near Cologne, Germany. I am working on the future of information technology.

I love boardgames and tabletops, making music and spending time with my kids. I am a Dungeon Master. Early in the morning I usually run.


Every now and then I am talking at events and conferences. I try to inspire people and I love getting inspired. Here's a list of where I have been.


Older talks


You can find me on LinkedIn and contact me via Twitter. If you want to run with me join me on Strava. I keep my bookmarks at Pinboard and my code stuff on Github. You can read what I read (mainly at breakfast time) at Pocket. D&D is on dndbeyond.

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